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What I learned when gh-pages wouldn't work

Published September 23, 2015

A story in bullet points

  • gulp deploy hmm, that was fast, did it update anything?
  • *checks Sourcetree*, nope nothing.
  • Maybe it's a fluke, try gulp deploy again, checks GitHub still nothing, aargh! whats happening!?!?
  • Checks gh-pages docs, hmm it has a command line utility, lets try that.
  • Wait where do I put that string? oooh package.json, gee I never knew that.
  • npm run deploy, still nothing.
  • *checks docs again*, "This module requires Git >=1.7.6".
  • I wonder if the latest version of gh-pages needs a newer Git? git -v.
  • Agreeing to the Xcode/iOS license requires admin privileges, please re-run as root via sudo.
  • Hmm, The app store did update Xcode yesterday.
  • Run Xcode, accept terms (that I never read).
  • npm run deploy *yaaay! it works!*
  • Which means gulp deploy should be fine as well, and it is.


  • If gh-pages doesn't work, I should check Xcode, as it seems to be tied to Git.
  • I can set up a package script in package.json.