Byron Buckley

Front-end Developer

Designing for Google Glass

The Interaction Design capstone project was a collaborative effort between myself and two other group members. We drew on the experiences of a team member who worked at Baltimore's Creative Alliance and participated in their KERPLUNK after-school program. From her experiences the group theorised that we could improve the experiences of the young attendees by designing an augmented reality app powered by Google Glass.

Our investigations into enhancing the exhibition experience revealed prior research centered around museum visitors. We speculated that the behavior of museum visitors could be comparative to that of our young KERPLUNK visitors, and leaned heavily on findings about the way in which patrons traverse a museum. The roles below served as thin personas that helped drive ideation for our designs within the constraints of Glass Design principles:

In the absence of a actual Glass device, we utilized a variation of the Wizard of Oz technique to facilitate our design tests.

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